Cristiano Ronaldo completely forgot Real Madrid! Sun girlfriend +4 cute baby wearing Juve jersey

In the period of Real Madrid, C Ronaldo took his girlfriend Georgina and his son Mini Luo after the Champions League final, when the three were wearing Real Madrid shirts. But after coming to Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo has a new owner. He will naturally use Juventus as his own home. In his personal social account, the Portuguese have a group of six people who are wearing Juventus. The jersey, this scene, makes Juventus fans happy and makes Real Madrid fans sad.

If Cristiano Ronaldo is not driven away by Florentino, perhaps C Ronaldo and his family will still live in Madrid, and will show the Real Madrid jersey from time to time, but one reality is that Ronaldo has left the team and joined Juventus. Tus, became a member of the Zebra Legion, and Real Madrid became his past tense.

So on the personal INS page, C Ronaldo gave a photo of Juventus, which is a family portrait. It is unusual for C Ronaldo to wear Juve’s shirt. Among them, his four children, Mini Luo, Ava, cheap jerseys Matteo and Martina, all wore Juve’s black and white shirts, while Georgina and Cristiano Ronaldo wore gray Juventus shirts.

The beauty of this family of six is ​​very high, and with Juventus’s eye-catching robes, such a family photo can be scored 100 points.

Once C Ronaldo was the darling of Real Madrid, but now he became Juventus jersey a member of Juventus. Last weekend, he completed his personal Serie A debut, although he did not break the door, but he ushered in enough attention.

Soon, Cristiano Ronaldo will welcome his second Serie A match, and he is expected to score a goal. It is worth mentioning that he has just been short-listed for UEFA’s best three-year candidate. He is expected to defeat Salah and Modric and become the MVP of UEFA.